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Rose hips


Rosehip tea is a unique concoction that imbues its drinker with a multitude of health benefits. The “rosehips” are rose fruit located at the end of stems of rose bushes. Rose hips are very excellent sources of vitamin C and are commonly eaten by birds and other animals. This high vitamin C content rivals and in some cases exceeds that of citrus fruit content. Rosehips are historically important source of vitamin C. During the Second World War, the British government exhorted its people to cultivate roses for their rose hips to accommodate the lack of citrus imports due to the war. This supplied the British nation with vitamin C. With 1700 mg of vitamin C imbuing 100g of dried rose hips, drinking rosehip tea can meet the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin C with ease.


Rosehip tea is available in tea bags, powdered form or in pieces. To make your own rosehip tea, simply slice a rosehip into several species, and without seeds, steep (not boil) in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Boiling denatures proteins and destroys other compounds that give rosehip tea its many health benefits. It also lessens the flavor and aroma that makes rosehip tea so enticing.

The substances found in rosehip tea give its anti-cancer properties. Antioxidants in rosehip tea prevent free radicals from causing harm to the body. Other phytochemicals inhibit the formation of cancer cells in various body regions. Daily or regular drinking of rosehip tea can reduce the occurrence of cancers in many body parts.

The tart yet soothing flavor of rosehip tea coupled with its sensational aroma can refresh tired or stressed individuals. With daily problems, hassles, and worries, drinking a cup of rosehip tea daily can prevent fatigue from setting in and provides momentary relief. Drinking rosehip tea during mornings can ensure a vigor filled day, energizing the body and readying it for the tasks ahead. Before sleeping, a soothing cup of rosehip tea can wash away the problems of the day and ensure a trouble free sleep.

The various irritants found in our modern environment can cause various respiratory symptoms. Rosehip tea helps shield against these irritants while clearing the respiratory tract of mucus. Rosehip tea also helps protect against viruses and colds, reducing the chance of infections and complications. Oral infections, sore throat and halitosis can all be combated by rosehip tea.

Arthritis cases can cause a drastic lifestyle change, preventing you from doing normal, day to day activities. The inflammation of one’s joints, particularly in the hands and fingers can limit one to basic tasks, and even then, still always with the presence of pain. Rosehip tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and alleviate pain.
Vitamins are an essential part of our body chemistry, helping in basic processes throughout the body. Rosehip tea contains various vitamins, specifically vitamin A and Vitamin Bs that augment our body.

The urinary tract is one area of the body that is susceptible to infections. Infections can come from bad hygiene, sexual intercourse or from holding off urination. Rosehip tea can protect against urinary tract infections and prevent that burning sensation when urinating.

Drinking Rosehip tea is a unique experience that may not appeal to everyone. However, its many health benefits, from cancer-fighting, to infection prevention and even in maintaining wellness, is sure to reward those who  make drinking Rose hip tea a part of their daily routine. The special taste and aroma of Rosehip tea can entice many to try it but it is the health benefits of Rosehip tea that convinces most to make it a part of their lives.


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