Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits

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Pu erh tea

Pu erh tea

In a small province in China called Yunnan, hill tribes and villagers live long and health lives. Their secret? Daily consumption of pu erh tea.  Yunnan began to process this type of tea since the period of the Three Kingdoms, when a clever tactician named Zhu Ge Liang encouraged the locals to cultivate tea for a better life. For almost 2000 years,  this type of tea has been widely consumed by the Chinese people; even the Emperor and other high-ranking officials accepted it as tributes. Its value to the Chinese people has been recorded throughout history, which is why it remains popular until today.

Today people collect puer tea for three main reasons: for enjoyment, as an investment potential, and for its restorative and medical properties. The health benefits of pu erh tea are truly astonishing, no wonder it is called the “Wonder Tonic” or “Medicinal Tea”.

A closer look at the health benefits Pu Erh tea

Improves Metabolism

Studies show that regular drinking of this tea helps improve digestion and increase metabolism. People who wish to lose excess weight will find pu erh tea complementary to their new lifestyle. Traditional Chinese restaurants also serve pu erh tea as a customary drink alongside their dishes which are usually high in fat.

Lowers Blood Cholesterol

Studies in France have also proven the efficiency of pu erh tea in lowering blood cholesterol.  At the Saint Antoine University Hospital in Paris, a blind study was conducted on 500 patients with advanced cholesterol conditions.  Each of them relied on medication to control their cholesterol levels. The group was divided in half; the first group was given three to 4 cups of pu erh tea to drink daily for thirty days, while the second group was given something else. After the prescribed period, it was found that pu erh drinkers had significantly lower cholesterol than the second group.

Fight Diseases

Aside from these, the health benefits of pu erh tea covers a wide scope. Antioxidants present in other types of tea are also found in it, thus it also has the same mechanisms that fight cancer cells, diabetes, heart disease, and other critical illnesses. Pu erh tea is also believed to prevent aging, remove body toxins, improve blood circulation, and even revive the inebriated.  Although much information on pu erh tea’s medical properties are anecdotal, many of these claims have been proven by research and experience.

Other than its health benefits, the process by which pu erh tea’s flavor develops is also a debatable topic. It is a misconception that its flavor improves naturally over time, but there are specific requisites to this. Pu erh tea’s taste becomes more pronounced only when it is made from high quality material, skilfully processed, and stored properly for a certain period. Like wine, only the finest will endure the test of time. This old and unique tea is just starting to make its way to the Western world, but with it comes a significant history that has affected millions.

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