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A small tea pot brewing charcoal fire oolong

A small tea pot brewing charcoal fire oolong (Image from Wikimedia)

The health benefits of oolong tea may be two faced for some. Oolong tea boasts the highest concentration of caffeine for the majority of the teas, for some this may lead to excessive jittering and insomnia. Oddly, these properties are often touted by those who seek to use the tea for weight loss purposes. Oolong tea is a semi-green tea that is produced by halting the fermentation process as the tea leaves begin to brown. Oolong tea combines the health benefits of green teas and black teas into a delicious tea that is good for the mind, body, and spirit.

The health benefits of oolong tea are mostly surrounded around the weight loss folks. There is a vast following of oolong tea because of its caffeine content. Oolong tea’s principal compounds are polyphenols. The high polyphenol content in oolong tea make it a very effective fat burning compound. Enzymes released by the tea activate the fat burning metabolism and as a result a good diet will often contain oolong tea in some form. A secondary result of this bump in metabolism is that the body removed free radicals from the blood stream. A free radical is actually an atom looking for a partner (has an open electron spot). The enzymes released by oolong tea seek these out and pull them out by occupying their free location.

Oolong tea antioxidants are also excellent stress breakers. The Osaka Institute for Health Care Science in Japan performed an experiment that uncovered that Oolong tea’s benefits also extend to a stress reduction by an order of 10% to 18%.

Oolong tea benefits also extend to skin and bones. According to a scientific research, patients who were diagnosed with eczema can directly benefit from consuming at least three cups of oolong tea three times daily. There are additional benefits of oolong tea that can be seen in less than a week of consuming it with the result of improved skin appearance and overall complexion. Oolong tea has also been found to promote bone structure. The antioxidants within the tea help maintain the teeth and promote the growth of bone in the event of a breakage. Oolong tea is used by traditional herbalists to help thwart and resolve some issues with osteoporosis.

The health benefits of oolong tea do also extend into the immune function. Oolong tea is rich in the vitamins C and K which help regulate platelet aggregation and blood lipid levels. There are also high concentrations of butyric acid, flavonol, pectin, saccharides and saponin which all act as antioxidants. Butyric acid especially possesses medicinal properties. It is a strong anti-cancer compound, especially when relating to cancer of the colon. Butyric acid promotes healthy colonic epithelial cells.

Oolong tea has been renowned for many centuries for its disease fighting properties and its weight loss properties. The health benefits of oolong tea are only now just being rediscovered because of the weight loss craze that has swept across western civilization.

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