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Lipton green tea

Lipton green tea

When it comes to commercial tea, the first brand that usually comes in mind is Lipton, one of the largest tea distributors all over the world. The year was 1870 when Lipton began, named after its founder and owner Sir Thomas Johnson Lipton. Today, over 140 years later, the Lipton empire continues to be the leading provider of delicious, healthy tea to millions of consumers.

Lipton has a popular line of green tea products. Derived from Camellia sinensis, Lipton’s green tea, whose great taste and numerous health benefits discussed below, make it a favourite among consumers.

Weight Loss

The most common notion of consumers, especially women, is that Lipton green tea or tea in general promotes weight loss. According to a study conducted at the University of Geneva published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, certain green tea extracts have been shown to boost the metabolic rate by 4%. This increase is not high enough to promote immediate weight loss, but with constant intake coupled with healthy diet and exercise, weight loss can definitely be achieved.

Decrease in Bad Cholesterol

One of the health benefits of Lipton green tea is to lower bad cholesterol in the body. According to research, green tea increases good cholesterol (HDL), tested both in animals and people. Also, one study has proven a decrease in cholesterol absorption in the intestinal tract and a relative increase in its excretion  from the body. Two group studies on males have shown significant health effects of green tea. The first study shows that men with a habit of drinking green tea has lower cholesterol  compared to those who not. Meanwhile, green tea also has a significant effect on male smokers by decreasing harmful LDL cholesterol in their blood stream.

Protection from Cancer

Yes, green tea is also proven as a natural resource in fighting the big C. Several studies have shown that cancer rates are lower in Japan, where drinking green tea is a part of daily life. This is because of polyphenols, a component of green tea which researchers believe can prevent and even help kill cancerous cells. 472 women with breast cancer have been tested, and it was discovered that those who consumed more green tea had lower cancer progression. Other tests on different types of cancers such as stomach, pancreatic, prostate, and lung cancer also showed the same positive results.

Regulates Glucose

People with diabetes lack a certain hormone that converts glucose from food into energy. Green tea helps regulate that excess glucose. Slowing down the movement of glucose into fat cells is also one of the health benefits of Lipton green tea. It acts as a glucose regulator, stopping a sudden increase in blood sugar after meals. Studies in animals also show that type 1 diabetes can be prevented, or if already developed, curtailed.

These are just few of many health benefits of Lipton green tea. Bear in mind though that tea alone cannot prevent or cure all sicknesses. You must also do your share to become a healthier person.

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