Is Green Tea a Fat Burner?

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Green tea

Green tea

Why green tea?

Green tea startles the metabolic functions of the body. In today’s world, it has been very popular and is widely used by people who have been so conscious on their health-weight reduction, to be specific. A lot may have been so curious about the wonders of green tea. To gain awareness, allow this blurb to discover and unravel what green tea can offer.


With its scientific name Camellia sinensis, green and oolong teas have the same origin. Green tea is a fat burner and was firstly revealed with the help of an emperor several centuries ago. From way back, this potent tea has outstandingly happen to be the “supplement of choice” for numerous individuals in hunt for wellness and weight control, to be more explicit. For good raison d’être: not only does it has an interesting, alluring tang when set as a drink. Discipline also defends some beyond belief benefits when it’s used as an add-on for immune development and fat mobilization. Updates have even presented the advantages of using green tea. Now then, this is the rationale why green tea has been very dominant in the market and is continuously doing so.

Mechanism of Action

Green tea or, its component polyphenols, emerge to trigger our bodily systems’ “thermogenic function”. What is the implication of this matter? Thermogenic activity depicts the use of calories and energy thereby counteracting excessive fat production. In addition, polyphenols are mentioned to act in the immune system scavenging and preventing bacteria to invade the body. The immune system is definitely essential to maintain the body’s state of equilibrium. Not only it will be helping to fight microorganisms but will also aid in strengthening various bodily systems.

Green tea and Science

There have been cosmic studies conducted to provide evidence that green tea is without a doubt, a fat burner. In fact, the most recent showed that green tea is incorporated with compounds called “cathechin polyphenols”.  What is the significance of this evidence? Well, for those struggling to reduce their weight, this is of noteworthy concern due to the fact that these substances  increase a person’s resting metabolic rate, meaning to say, the body is equipped with more burning potential, be it short term or  long term. Moreover, green tea speeds up the body’s fat burning action thus preventing weight gain and obesity.


The use of green tea is indeed beneficial to people who desires to maintain fitness and at the same time wellness.

In a nutshell, anecdotal evidences suggest the effectiveness of utilizing green tea to create an optimal room for maximum fat burning. One better thing is that, green tea increases and enhances numerous catecholamines in the body such as norepinephrine and endorphins bringing an improved sense of well being.

Green tea is said to be healthy and is safe to use. On the other hand if one is experiencing metabolic problems, complications, among others, consultation to a professional or medical practitioner may be required.

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