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Yerba mate

Yerba mate

Yerba Mate tea or Mate is a concoction made by steeping the dried leaves of Yerba Mate or Erva Mate plant (Ilex paraguariensis) with hot water. This popular concoction is drunk all throughout Latin or South America and also in some areas of Syria and Lebanon.

The health benefits of Yerba Mate have been noted by consumers, alternative healers and even scientists.  It has been said to be the world’s healthiest stimulant, surpassing coffee, guarana, coca and even the ordinary tea.  As such, it has become an integral part of South American culture, with various social interactions being glued together by the drinking of Yerba Mate tea.

Yerba Mate has numerous health benefits that those who enjoy its exotic taste receive. Taking Yerba mate tea regularly can help regulate obesity.  Yerba mate tea does this by repressing one’s appetite, maintaining a sense of fullness and stemming the craving to gorge oneself. This lowers the amount of calories a person receives per day and with exercise, will be sure to lower ones weight.

Yerba Mate tea also helps protect people against diseases and infections by boosting the immune system. Strengthening the immune system helps people become less susceptible to colds, bacterial infections and other foreign invaders of the body. With the presence of numerous toxins and with the daily contact we make with potential infections, drinking Yerba tea can shield the body and ensure a worry and infection free lifestyle. Particularly, taking Yerba Mate tea can help combat some allergies, relieving people of its aggravating symptoms.

Stress is a problem that affects everyone. Yerba Mate tea helps relieve stress, preventing it from leading to depression, anxiety and mental breakdowns. Enjoying Yerba Mate tea can aid in relaxation and calm the nerves, enforcing a feeling of well being and wholeness. Fatigue is the accumulation of stress as to exert a toll on one’s body. Drinking Yerba Mate tea regularly fights the effects of fatigue, preventing burnout and allowing the body a chance to recover itself.

Yerba Mate also acts as a diuretic, aiding in detoxification. It cleanses the body of harmful toxins. Drinking Yerba Mate tea is a good way to start any cleansing event, weaning you out of alcohol, nicotine and other harmful substances. Aside from increasing urination frequency to flush out toxins, Yerba Mate tea contains compounds that can bind with toxins in the blood, effectively cleansing it.

Aside from cleaning your body, drinking Yerba Mate can also imbue it with essential vitamins and minerals.  Yerba mate tea is a relevant source of Vitamin A, the B vitamins and Vitamin C. Yerba Mate tea also contains calcium, vital for our body’s skeletal network and iron, a central element in red blood cells.

Many health drinks advertise having cancer-fighting properties. The prevalence of cancer worldwide has created a market for various herbal teas that could claim anti-cancer characteristics, regardless of being substantiated or not. A study by the esteemed University of Illinois have substantiated Yerba Mate’s claim of being able to prevent oral cancer incidents. Yerba mate tea also contains a multitude of antioxidants, which, though different from those present in tea, are equally, if not more potent in reducing free radicals.

Yerba Mate is a unique herbal drink that can bless the drinker with various health benefits. The health benefits of Yerba Mate have graced South Americans, Syrians and Lebanese with good health and robust constitution.  Being able to supply the body with essentials minerals, flush out any toxins and prevent infection, drinking Yerba Mate gives you a total health boost package. With its anticancer properties, it would be in your best interest to sample Yerba Mate tea and enjoy a chance to lead a healthier life.


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