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Herbal teas are becoming more and more popular today. It can be easily claimed that drinking herbal tea is the cheapest, easiest way to maintain a healthy body. However, not all kinds of herbal teas have the same effects.

Out of the many herbal tea variations, banaba tea is one of the lesser known in the world. This is probably because banaba, whose scientific name is Lagerstroemia speciosa, is common only in the Philippines and Japan. From its dark green, leathery leaves, extracts are obtained to make this kind of herbal tea. Among its consumers, a significant number of health benefits of the tea have been observed.

Banaba Tea as an Antiparasitic

According to, banaba tea has pyrogallol tannis – a component useful in combating gastrointestinal parasites. In a study conducted on sheep, such tannins are found to stop the perpetuation of parasites by interfering the hatching of their eggs. B.R. Min and S.P Hart, authors of this study titled “Tannins for Suppression of Internal Parasites” noted that through an improved protein nutrition, parasite infestation is decreased. Good news is that banaba tea constituents prevent microbial proliferation, thus improving protein nutrition.

Banaba Tea as an Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Due to free-radical scavenging activity of banaba leaves, this herbal tea can also be considered as an anti-inflammatory agent. Free radicals damage one’s DNA, affecting the function of the cells. Only one study is known to have explored this possibility, thus this health benefit is still very much open for debate. However,  many people who have suffered from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) have found banaba tea to be effective; the infection as well as the pain are kept to a minimum when drinking this herbal tea.

Banaba Tea as a Blood Sugar Regulator

This is probably one of the best-known health benefits of banaba tea. One study conducted in Japan, spearheaded by Dr. Yamazaki at the Hiroshima School of Medicine, displays its veracity. A diabetic mice was fed with banaba-enriched egg yolk. After a series of observations, it was discovered that the blood sugar of the mice returned to normal. This is because of banaba’s high corosolic acid used widely as treatment for diabetes. It is a natural plant insulin with an inverse relationship to blood sugar levels. The higher the dosage of corosolic acid, the lower blood sugar levels dropped.

Banaba Tea as a Weight Loss Product

Aside from its medicinal properties, banaba tea is also  becoming increasing popular as a natural weight loss product. Banaba has the ability to lessen the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates – the number one cause of an increase in body weight. It is clear that since banaba acts as a glucose regulator, banaba tea can also be used for weight loss.

It is interesting how banaba tea, whose plant can only be found in very few places, can address so many ailments by people all over the world. These are just some of the many health benefits of banaba tea; the rest are for you, the consumer, to be discovered.

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